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Turquoise Necklace, Gold Plated, Bohemian, Delicate, Minimalist


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Chandelier Earrings - Silver, Wedding Jewelry, Bohemian, Teal, Jewel, Crystal, Dangle Earrings, Bridesmaid, Gift for Her, Women's,


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Gold Chandelier Earrings,Teal Jewel, Bohemian, Wedding, Boho Jewelry


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Drop Earrings - Aqua, Silver, Teardrop, Dangle, Light Weight, Large, Sky Blue, Bohemian, Gift for Her, Women's Gift,


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Silver Bar Gemstone Necklace, Sterling, Teal Gemstone, Minimalist, Gift for Her


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Silver Acorn Pendant Necklace , Antique Silver, Woodland Necklace, Rose Charm, Citrine Crystal, Nature Necklace


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